Evernote Review – Free Version

The article below, Our Editor’s Best-Kept Secret for Staying Ahead in the Workplace, made it to my inbox yesterday and filled me with much anticipation.  Ashley Selleke (author of the article) captured my attention because she was searching for a better planning system other than a planner and Google Calendar.  I struggle with that as well.

Within the article, lists how she uses the app for her one-stop-shop organization and productivity system, so I tried it out with great enthusiasm and hope…only to be be disappointed.

Downloading it to my phone was easy; using it on my Surface Pro has been challenging–it worked yesterday after I unsync’d my previous devices, but this morning, when I log in, I have a Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device pop-up that gives me the option to sign out, Unsync a device (when selected it signs me out),  and two options to upgrade.  I can see my notebooks in the background, but I cannot access them; there is no close option on the pop-up.

The app is intuitive when it comes to creating notebooks, but I found little information on how to work within each notebook and how to utilize the tasks functionality, so it did take me some time to set it up.

The free version comes with Web Clipper, which is an exciting tool and it’s rather easy when using Google Chrome and templates, which are not, in my opinion, pleasing to the eye or useful.  It appears an upgrade is needed to sync with your Google calendar.

I did create a To Do Notebook using the Task Template, and I like it; its very pleasing to the eye and gives you options in having several to do lists in one, but I don’t believe it will be enough for me to continue to use the app.  Over the next few days I plan to play around with the app; if my opinion changes, I’ll post it, but otherwise, consider me not utilizing the app.  It was a big disappointment.  Another thing, if you upgrade, depending on where you are in the world wide web, the monthly payments for the Personal Plan vary from $7.99 to $4; I’m not sure what, if any, the difference is or if there is more than one Personal Plan.  For an organize your life app, it sure seems confusing.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Our Editor’s Best-Kept Secret for Staying Ahead in the Workplace

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