Eight, Not Five Senses

When having discussions with my therapist, she informed me we have 8 senses.  First Pluto and now this?  

We are all familiar with our five senses:  Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.

Add 3 more:  Vestibular System (balance and orientation); Proprioception (muscle and/or joint movements); and Interoception (physiological/physical condition of the body).

Is interoception our intuition?  According to Psychology Today, intuition “relies on powers of pattern-matching, as the mind combs experience stored in long-term memory for similar situations and presents in-the-moment judgments based on them.”  Many other sites supports this thought, however, there are many other articles that dispute this.  

According to Dr. Niranjan Seshadri there was an Indian mathematician who came up with nearly 4000 unique mathematical concepts and equations with no formal training in mathematics.  

The source intuition is unknown. He states that busy thoughts and habits prohibit intuition and the ability to obtain information quickly from the internet minimizes our need for it.  Dr. Seshadri also mentions intuition does not come from our knowledge base; intuition is a revelation that comes to us when our minds are open.   

Although vague, I believe the latter.  I mean, I was originally told Pluto was a planet and we only had 5 senses.  As science continues to grow, I’m sure much more will be found on this “sixth sense” in years ahead of now. 

Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

Your 8 Senses


Understanding this elusive sense

What is Intuition? Understanding this Elusive Sense

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