May 2022 Review

Posting a little early because the timing is right.  Since the end of April, I’ve been in a funk and it kinds shows with my month in review.  Interestingly, a lot of time was focused on family and home—as I’d like it to be.  With all the family’s activities, I’ve had the house full with the kids more so than not; Jeff/I only had a few quiet days to ourselves. 

Not bad, but just a change.  Wondering if my funk is because of all the activity the month held for us.  What is good, though, is I did spend a lot of quality time/self-care activities—it balanced it out.  I think the new meals was lean because cooking new meals, for me, takes effort (even though I enjoy it).

Home doesn’t appear like much, but the swapping out and cleaning kids room and bathroom took me a week.  Saying that, it really isn’t a lot of my time; the house was somewhat neglected this month.  Work was basically okay; was hit with various training towards the end of the month.  Boss has been very complimentary.

Weather was mixed with sunny and rainy days; had several hot days and more of the cooler days.  The mini-jungle (my back yard) has finally awaken from her long rest; I’ve planted my basil, green onions and chives.  I’ve also forgotten about my basil, green onions and chives, but they seem to be doing well.

New meals included Crispy Feta with Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice. – Half Baked Harvest, a variety of grilled vegetables over either rice or quinoa (for quick lunches), and Cider Apple and Sage Roasted Pork Chops | HBH ( (meh).

Below are highlights of the month divided up to my focus’ Family (and friends), Self, Work and Home.  

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay 

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