Where I’m Headed

Going back to my Rachel Hollis Podcast review, I used her 4 steps she outlined to determine my next focus. Surprisingly, completing the review was very, very easy—although, I do have my Monthly Reviews to refer back to, which saved a lot of time. The reflection has left me energized and excited, but I have to be honest, I’m a little worried if I can pull everything off in 3 months.

Then I realized, here’s the thing…it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if I finish everything; what matters is that I enjoy the moments.

First – Where I am: My time and energy over the last three months have been focused, with a good balance, of family and friends, self-care and work—almost all the things that are important to me. Not much going on with the house because I just don’t feel like it—it gets messed up quickly, so I haven’t bothered. I do, however, make sure the rooms I spend the most time in (family room, bedroom and work office) are tidied—I guess it’s just the kitchen and, well, there is a lot of activity/people in/out, I guess it’s just natural. The deck…is my sanctuary. Overall, excellent use of time; house may feel a little left out, but if someone had to draw the short stick of the four most important categories, the house would be what I would select.

Second – What Do I Like:
-Working on something with my hands, then sharing it as a gift (surprised MIL with cake).
-Small getaways with Jeff; Eating out with Jeff and the kids.
-Giving Cooper a good life (dog park and daycare).
-Working on projects at work due to low staff (getting results through me vs team).
These all coincide with who I want to be, with the exception of work (am I meant to be a manager?).

Third – What Get’s in My Way:  Maintaining the house and setting boundaries.  I’ve only focused on the house when it needed to be focused on and still feel a bit guilty in not cleaning, dusting, etc. each week.  I also feel I’m at the mercy of other people’s needs—I put them before myself.  I have been more vocal the last two days, using the ADHD as an excuse.  But is it really an excuse, or more of a need that I need things to stop and I need my quiet?  Based on my reading of setting boundaries, is more of a need, not an excuse.  A need that happens to have a name of ADHD.

Last – Where am I Headed:  This is easy and fun, because, just this morning, as I was starting this review, I know what I’m missing – creating a book.  So, my focus the next 3 months, will be my Summer Fun List items (updated below) and the beginning of creating my book.

This…feels good.  This…feels right.  This…is exciting.

Update to Summer Fun List
• See a Drive-In Movie
• Learn to Sew / Help a Charity
• Read a Book
• Go on a Hike
• Plant Herbs
• Relax in an outdoor Pool
• Go on a Bike Ride
Grill Out (Ty’s graduation party and Amy’s shower)
• Batting Cages
• Quick Trips/Mini Vacation with Jeff

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Rachel Hollis Podcast 275
Summer Bucket List

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