Homemade Soap and Washcloth

There is something relaxing in the repetitive motion of knitting the same stitch over and over, which is why I love small, easy knitting projects.  It’s a non-thinking process that feels productive because my hands are busy and the result is a product.  It’s a craft that lets me multi-task, very easy to travel and makes for a great gift to share. 

Sharing with you my washcloth pattern, as well as a great post from Life-n-Reflection Simple Living. This article not only includes a melt and pour soap recipe, but provides a great summary introduction for those of you that are new to melt and pour soap making. Don’t know how to knit?  YouTube has thousands of videos for the picking.  Whether you just need to see a stitch done to actual knitting projects, YouTube has it.

Pictured here is the end product of both crafts in which I’ll be gifting to my two best friends for just because.

Supplies Needed:
Peaches & Creme Stripey 4 Medium Cotton Yarn, Denim 2oz/56.7g, 102 Yards
Single Point Aluminum Knitting Needles 10″-Size 7/4.5mm 
Cast on 29 stitches
*K1, P1; rep from * to last st, K1 until desired length

Rosemary Citrus Melt and Pour Soap Recipe, Supplies and Instructions from Life-n-Reflection Simple Living.  I used crushed dried rosemary in lieu of the lemon and orange peel, as that is what I had on hand.

Happy crafting!

Image by me (don’t laugh; I tried my best)

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