If I am blessed to live to 80, I have 1,176 weeks of life left.  1,176.  After listening to Rowena Tsai’s podcast, Why Everything I Knew About Productivity is Wrong… & What’s the Way Forward, I realized I’m overwhelming myself with tasks in which the majority are meaningless and just eat up my precious time on Earth.

I have a need to be busy.  Along with my needs to have the right answers, learn as much as i can, and be prepared for anything, I get lost of what is important in all the busyness.  I then get overwhelmed and what means the most to me becomes annoying.   I shut down to recover.  Once recovered, I start the whole process over again.  A vicious cycle.

Rowena talks about slow productivity, which is doing less over a longer period of time.  Extending timeframes from hours, to days, to weeks allows for life moments of ups/downs.  Stress is reduced because the expected timeframe is extended and the volume of tasks is reduced. 

Initially I thought this would relate to my personal life and not so sure if this would work in my professional life.  Then it occurred to me, is Corporate America headed this way as well?  Is this not the Agile Method (versus traditional Waterfall Method) so many companies are adapting?  Instead of “life’s ups/downs” companies have to handle change more quickly, hence the shift to Agile.

Over the next few days (ahem, weeks or months) I need to revist my values and priorities and refocus on what’s important to see if slow productivity is a better method to living a fulfilling life.

I highly recommend you listen to the entire podcast.  Rowena has great perspective…she really woke me up.

Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

Rowena Tsai Episode #212:  Why Everything I Knew About Productivity is Wrong…& What’s the Way Forward

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4 thoughts on “1176

  1. This is an important topic to talk about. The Stoics have this saying—which I paraphrase: “You may die today. Let that shape your decisions.”

    So many of our daily tasks become meaningless when we look at them in terms of our mortality. Suddenly, getting that latest iPhone or playing video games don’t seem like best options. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    • Or even cleaning the house every week and then rushing to squeeze in time with friends, not giving them the full you because your exhausted from doing activities that, in all honesty, doesn’t need to be done or could be put off.

      What an eye opener…


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