Clean House, Clean Mind

With all the hosting done, I’m able to enjoy the fruits of my labor of a cleaned house. There were three rooms that were neglected; one of which was my favorite room in the house…my bedroom.

Knowing I had nothing planned for this weekend or next (exciting!), I decided to timebox myself and clean it for one hour.  Three hours later, the room was completely cleaned.  I didn’t have a chance to spring clean and kept thinking soon the windows would be closed for months and I’d be breathing in all the dust.  So I kept going.

Believe it or not, there is still more that needs to be done.  I want to go through the room and get rid of/donate those items I no longer use.  But for now it feels so great to know that there will be fresh smelling curtains, stainless carpet, clean windows and a little less dust in my lungs.

PS:  I also tidied the living room and kitchen, trying to keep the house in order.

Weeks of life left:  1,170

Image by 영훈 박 from Pixabay

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