Forgiving Those That Brought You Harm

Eight months ago I experienced a situation of what I thought was a friendship that went bad earlier this year.  I was pierced by the sharp blades of her unexpected actions which could have negatively impacted my core value of financial security. I didn’t understand, and still don’t understand why she did what she did. 

Needless to say, the friendship was broken and until October’s full moon, I found myself thinking of her and missing her even though what she did literally hit me to the core.

If you follow the phases of the moon, something I’ve been exploring, releasing what no longer serves us is done during the full moon and sets us fresh for the new moon.

To release myself from the pain, with pen and paper in hand, I reflected on the sadness of the friendship ending and cried hard.  I was thankful I survived the incident with a lesson learned and yet was confused as to how I could miss someone who could have shaken my family’s bones to the core.  And then it dawned on me, it was more peaceful at work with her gone.  It was time to move on and I did just that.

After mourning the loss, I realized I had to let it go; the relationship was toxic for me.  The lesson was learned and I changed from it.  Just hope the next lesson is not as impactful as this one.  I hope I’m more attuned, mindful and intentional with my words and actions.

I still don’t understand why she brought harm to me, but at least now I can bring peace to the end of a friendship. 

Weeks of life left:  1,169

Image by GLady from Pixabay

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