Recipes Tried This Month

December has been on the bitter cold side (temperatures of -1 and -4 degrees), with a little bit of snow and a lot of gray skies.  Candles were lit while working from home and almost every evening.  Traditionally, I take a lot of time off this time of the year to give myself the time needed for all of the holiday preparations.  I have to say, the gift shopping went rather smooth which allowed for me to continue to try out new recipes. Here’s what I tried this month!

Not a winter, cozy meal, but an easy, I have everything on hand kinda meal is Chicken & Spinach Skillet Pasta with Lemon & Parmesan.  A little heavy on the lemon side, but a good recipe to have on hand for spring or summer.

Wanting to try a different site for recipes, I found One Pan Thai Coconut Yellow Curry Chicken and Rice and liked it.  Very easy to make and the fact that you only use one pan is a great bonus.  The only problem though, and it’s not just this recipe, I have difficulties with one-pan recipes and rice—the rice is never done in the allotted time they say to cook it, and I have to continue to add water (and time) until the rice is ready.  It’s gotta be me.  Does anyone run into this problem?  Is there a secret I should know?

And while I was trying out new sites, I also looked for recipes with beef (everything is chicken and pork, it seems like).  Food and Wine Best Winter Beef Recipes had several ideas; I tried the Beef Stew with Dill and it was okay.  Editable, but didn’t make it as a saved recipe.   

Returning to our Christmas dinner table based on the rave reviews from extended family last year was Crispy Broccoli and Cheese Pierogy Skillet.  Even my 9 year old niece had several—and she liked the broccoli too!  I really love this dish and its very easy to make and only requires a cast iron (or oven safe) pan.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

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