Work Leading Principles

Trusting my decisions at work has been a challenge for me ever since I became a manager.  I’ve built a team who is smarter than myself as it relates to the frontline processes, but they lack how to navigate on how to get difficult things implemented, too focused on the details versus the whole or able to balance out-of-the-box thinking to something manageable. 

I’ve come to realize, to be a successful team, we need their knowledge and my decision experience to get things done.

Still reading Melody Wilding’s book, Trust Yourself:  Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work, she has a chapter on defining personal and work values. Although my personal values do overlap with work values (i.e., belonging), how I want to lead at work is different than how I conduct myself at home.

 “[She] won’t truly be able to lead [her] team until [she] can articulate [her] own values as a…manager.” 

Client of Melody Wilding

I went through the (painful) exercise of reviewing (again) the lengthy list of values, marking those that I could identify with professionally.  I weeded out ones that were similar in nature and was left with nine values.  Being too long of a list, I slept on it and narrowed my how I want to lead principles down to these five:

  • Authentic
  • Bold
  • Change agent
  • Collaboration
  • Professionalism

As a manager, I struggle with disagreements with my team and others.  This typically leads me to default to what others say we should do and a lot of times going with what they say takes us down a longer path with delayed action.

I have faith in myself that I can be open minded with others suggestions (my heart is truly on what is best for the company).  I don’t always have faith in others to be open minded because of their inexperience or hidden agendas.

The values, or guiding principles, will guide me on how to lead this year.  It’s a mix of what I want to be and what is expected from my position as a process improvement manager.

I have neatly written these down on a sticky note, strategically located where I will see it daily.

Weeks of life left: 1,658

Image by Filmbetrachter from Pixabay

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