Being displaced has literally shaken me to the core.  If you recall from my Defining Core Values post, my first and most important core value was security—no harm to myself, family or country.  Next in line is financial independence—provide for myself and family with no reliance on others.  My income is gone.

The uncertainty of what can happen next is draining.  I find that the last few days I’ve worked a little bit on job hunting, then napped and did nothing else the rest of the day.  I am trying to block out worrying so that I don’t go down a negative path.  This is rather new for me, as I believe worrying is helpful to prevent the worse case scenario to happen; a means to prepare myself for another bad hit.

In reading Elaine Fox’s book, Switch Craft, chapter 2, Managing Uncertainty and Worry, I’ve come up with a workflow on how to handle the worry and I now have my next steps.

Defining Core Values
Worrying Has It’s Benefits
Switch Craft by Elaine Fox, PhD

Weeks of Life Left:  1,155

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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5 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. I think starting out on your new job hunt is a good way to go. Don’t be too hard on yourself for napping sometimes. It helps to shut your brain off for a while when you’re stressed out about something. Good luck with finding your next job, I know there’s something great for you out there.

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  2. If I may offer this for your consideration. Don’t concentrate on the loss and what can happen if you don’t get a job, because the way the universe works is, what you most focus on you will receive.
    Instead, see yourself hired, doing the job, what feeling will you have? feel it. Envision yourself looking at your bank account and your pay check has been deposited, feel the happiness of this. Believe, if you believe in angels, thank them for helping you find the job. Give thanks every day for your new job as if you already have it.
    I know you’ll find your next job and everything will work out perfectly for you.

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