Embracing the Life of New Minimalism

The Introduction in the book, New Minimalism, defines it as, “…a call to a mindful, intentional way of living, prioritizing relationships and experiences above material things…your time is better spent experiencing life with people than it is spent looking for, managing, organizing, cleaning, and purchasing…things.

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Recipes Tried This Month

December has been on the bitter cold side (temperatures of -1 and -4 degrees), with a little bit of snow and a lot of gray skies.  Candles were lit while working from home and almost every evening.  Traditionally, I take a lot of time off this time of the year to give myself the time needed for all of the holiday preparations.  I have to say, the gift shopping went rather smooth which allowed for me to continue to try out new recipes. Here’s what I tried this month!

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Book Review:  The Christmas Bookshop

The last Christmas book of the year.  This is an enjoyable story of family dynamics where one person does not fit in/is not like the others.  Opportunities presented themselves (with the help of mom) in which the main character, Carmen, learns the importance of family and community, and of course, a romance blossomed (it’s a Christmas book).

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