Book Review:  Twelve Days of Christmas

Neighbors with opposite personalities find true love during the Christmas holidays.  Thoroughly enjoyed how their relationship grew and love when text/posts formats are sprinkled in the mix of standard writing.  Highly recommend if you are looking for a cute and unique Christmas romance. 

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Book Review:  Eliza Starts a Rumor

Loved, loved, loved this book!  Set in New York around the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a fast-paced modern story about four strong women, each with their own burden, who learn it’s easier to be themselves when they rely on each other.

This book really hit home for me.  I’m Eliza and an Allison wanna be.  Granted, she is much more broken than I am, she wants a sense of community virtually (her blog), has strong family/home life values, and goes through a self-improvement journey, albeit different from mine.

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