Best Cake to Make for this 4th of July

Thoroughly enjoy, like my family did.

OMGosh…last weekend I made the best cake which will be perfect for July 4th.  As you know from my month’s in reviews, a lot, if not all of my recipes come from Half Baked Harvest (yum!).  Wanted to share this cake recipe because the color scheme is perfect for the 4th, even though there isn’t any blue.

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First Basil Harvest!

A few days before the graduation party, I harvested my first batch of basil.  Exciting!  Outdoor basil never disappoints.  It is so easy to grow in a container, is so fragrant and tastes great in so many dishes.  Not only does it produce an abundant harvest, it is so easy to propagate and start a new plant growing in another container.

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