June 2022 Review

June days were filled with much family and friend time, but I snuck in some me time with reading and knitting soap socks (shower favor).  Work, and then eventually home life, took my anxiety to a higher level; working with therapist and doctor to understand the causes (therapist thinks ADHD and executive functioning pushed too far with all the activities; doctor has ordered testing).

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May 2022 Review

Posting a little early because the timing is right.  Since the end of April, I’ve been in a funk and it kinds shows with my month in review.  Interestingly, a lot of time was focused on family and home—as I’d like it to be.  With all the family’s activities, I’ve had the house full with the kids more so than not; Jeff/I only had a few quiet days to ourselves. 

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April 2022 Review

Although pretty much balanced as it relates to time spent on Family, Self and Work, Family again was where most focus was placed.  It appears that Home did not get much time, however, spring cleaning both the entryway and family room was time consuming.  As it relates to self, the beginning of the month I did a lot of Self activities, but towards middle and end of month, most of the time was spent on nurturing myself by cuddling with Jeff. Continue reading