What I Added to My Daily To Do List

To do lists are important to me.  With all the thoughts that go through my head, a to do list gives me focus, and therefore the ability, to get things done.  I’ve always wondered how mindfulness and to do lists intersect.  On the outside, one would think they are opposites—how can you be mindful while chugging along your to do list.  Or, conversely, how can you get things done if you are always being mindful.

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I feel humiliated, betrayed and disrespected by my two girlfriends of 30+ years.  I made them a gift and although they thanked me, later they made fun of my hobby.  Right or wrong, I feel they do not appreciate my handmade gift.  This isn’t the first time something like this happened with them; I know how they are, but when directed at me, it hurts.

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What to Do When Your Brain Needs a Break

Focusing is a good thing.  It organizes your thinking and gives you the ability to get things done.  However, focusing too much can narrow your scope and cloud your judgment. If I find myself overwhelmed with focusing, I’ve found (actually my whole team has found), walking away for several hours can be a great refresh for your soul and mind. 

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