About Life in Bytes

Hello and welcome to Life in Bytes, my personal journey towards more happiness in doing things I love and exceling at whatever it is I decide to do. I’m currently recovering from burnout; burnout of climbing the ladder at work, raising kids, helping extended family through trauma and putting everything and everyone before myself. I’m using this blog to help me determine on who I want to be go forward and reminding myself I can’t take care of everything if I don’t take care of myself.

My initial plan is to read articles and books on whatever piques my interest, share my reflections and a link to the article or book purchase. Topics will be around personal development, self-care, career skills, tried recipes and home life. I’m not sure where I’m headed, but I know I want to change my mindset and set myself up for happiness. I want to thrive in life doing me.

About me…I’m happily married, have two kids in their early 20s and a dog. I live in the suburb of a well-known, relatively small city, and a Director of Internal Processes for a large financial firm. I am currently seeing a therapist to help me address the deep-rooted beliefs that hold me back from being the best version me. I have zero answers, but want to try.