Book Review:  Trust Yourself – Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work

If you’ve read my most recent posts, you are probably going to guess that this book’s rating will be a 5 out of 5.  If that is true, you are right.  Melody Wilding is a licensed social worker and executive coach.  For those of you that are empathetic, or what she calls sensitive striver, this book is for you.

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Overcoming Stress-Induced Brain Fog

Many of us suffer from brain fog with the volume of change, communications and high expectations we set for ourselves.  This book provides exercises and tools to help you clear out the fog and start enjoying life.  The author had me with the introduction by saying, “Stressed-induced brain fog is when you’re no longer able to focus and remember at your usual capacity.”  The remaining chapters will not disappoint and everything is wrapped up in the end with actionable steps to overcome brain fog.  A must read for anyone who is overwhelmed and wants to improve their situation.

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